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About Us

Kara Smith is the founder of Mount Vernon Companion Care. After taking care of her grandmother for many years, Kara was inspired and motivated to reach out to others to provide trusted and supportive services for aging individuals who want to continue an active life.

Living in the Mount Vernon area, Kara recognized an immediate need in our local community.

Mount Vernon Companion Care provides a tailored approach for every client's unique set of needs with a professional, attentive and qualified staff.

She recognized early on that each person had their own unique set of needs and "a one size fits all approach" was not in the clients best interest. She knew that some people would require many hours while others needed a quick trip to the grocery store. She felt that each individual should be matched with an assistant who respected and understood the clients needs. At the essence Mount Vernon Companion Care would provide a tailored approach to each person. Though the company has grown over the five years,  she has remained true to meeting the needs of each person and never taking on more than her staff can handle.


Meet the Team

 Kara Smith is President, a Mount Vernon resident, Ohio State graduate, a retired flight attendant, a Navy wife, and mother of two boys. Kara is committed to helping people living in the Mount Vernon/South Alexandria area and is committed to serving her local community.

Terri Maloney

Ms. Maloney is a graduate of Old Dominion University with graduate studies in Gerontology. She is a 25 year resident of the Mount Vernon area with residential and personal experience supporting her elder family members.

Keith Bea

Mr. Bea retired from the Library of Congress in 2012. He assisted his own family members as they tackled Parkinson's disease, diabetes and other age-related difficulties.  He believes strongly in assisting those members of his local community by transporting them to various appointments.

Shawn Keller

Ms Keller is graduate of Colby College, is the mother of two girls, and has lived in the area for 18 years. She enjoys traveling, knitting, reading, baking, walking, shopping and loves dogs, not to mention she enjoys a good chat. Elder care has become her passion as she navigated her own parent's needs.

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